5 Tools Everyone can Use for Better Collaborative Research

by Vivian Hunt / Aug 09,2018

Better Research Methods by BizProbe

Research can be a tough task for most students. Despite the numerous options for research that internet has to offer, students often turn in papers with the same sources repeatedly. The result is a low score and students wonder what went wrong. BizProbe shares some great insights here, continue reading!

Collaborative research is a way for students to share their finds. It also allows them more exposure than if they researched alone. This type of research helps a student become better at team-work, decision-making, and critical thinking. Along with providing top essay writing reviews, we are sharing the following five tools for improvement of students interested in research.


Diigo or "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff" is a social tool to create private and public groups. It serves the purpose of sharing notes and links about relevant items. You can share research with friends, colleagues, and associates. Your workflow and productivity can improve with this tool.

Using this tool, you can collect and organize all your research individually or in a group-based collaborative manner. The tool allows you to bookmark, tag, and highlight web pages that you can access any time or from anywhere. Check out these useful digital tools for students in addition to essay writing service reviews.


This app by eduClipper, Inc. is a great portfolio and management tool for project-based K-12 classroom centered on feedback learning. With more access to iPads in classrooms, teachers and students can organize portfolios from Dropbox. They can also utilize web links and Google Drive to explore images and videos on the iPad. You can create whiteboard videos with the help of this app. If you want to know which website provides help for writing references, you can read PapersHelm reviews.


Another great tool for file sharing and pooling online resources is Pearltrees. You can build links, documents, videos, and images among others things. Its browser extension allows students to add web page content as well.  All you have to do is upload the file from your device and share it using Facebook, Twitter, and emails.

The only downside of this tool is that you have to get a premium account of $35/year. This is only required if you want to keep your collection private, otherwise, it will be public.


Padlet is a great tool for teachers with all the best aspects of Pearltrees and privacy features offered by Diigo. You can share videos, notes, and docs and invite other people to add content as well. The tool offers password protection and the option to hide page URLs.

Teachers even have the option to control the content shared and root out unwanted stuff. Padlet Mini is a browser extension researchers can use to send links directly to the Padlet page. Keep reading top essay writing reviews for more updates.


This social bookmarking service is similar to Diigo. You can use the tool to mark sites, highlight important portions, and annotate pages with sticky notes. You can use this tool to share public lists and bookmarks either by invite or on your own. The only downside to this tool is the lack of its mobile app. Check out these BizProbe to know more about academia.

These tools can help both students and teachers conduct and share research in a more organized and efficient way. Students can benefit a great deal by connecting with researchers worldwide. These tools can help connect with others, learn new research techniques, and write better papers. As a result, their chances of publication will improve.