5 Trends in Academic Writing You Need to Know in 2018

by Vivian Hunt / Jul 20,2018

Academic Writing Trends by Biz Probe

Usually, academic writing is not linked with creativity. But, times are changing and with it trends of academic writing as well. Now, you can be creative with your approach to writing academic content. However, not everyone is up to speed on emerging trends in writing, which is why we at BizProbe decided to discuss the issue.

It is wholly possible that you are a great writer, but without knowledge of latest trends, you may stumble in your writing process.  Here is a list of 5 academic writing trends in 2018 that you should know about.

The Rise of Informal Info

Academic writing is a highly formal field of writing that requires a lot of expertise. But, change is in the air because a 2017 study showed small increases in an informal tone, largely based on the context. The changes in punctuation and grammar are more prominent in hard sciences than social sciences. This is not surprising given the evolving nature of English language and increasing need for making content simpler to understand for the masses.

Error-free Writing

Though the tone is becoming more informal, the focus on error-free content is higher in 2018 as well. Increasing number of software for editing and proofreading (online and offline) are available for free error-checking of content. Errors may be related to grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. It is evident that the more the content is free of grammar, the better its quality. We think this is a great way to increase the competition so everyone could be motivated to write high-quality content. Check out these tools for error-free editing.

Demand for Quality Over Quantity

You can guarantee high quality by producing error-free content. We consider it safe to say that the demand for high-quality writing is always going to be high. Quality writing is an expected trait for writers as it guarantees them more success. There is a great deal of competition and writers who fail to provide well-researched, high-quality content are not going to survive the competition. You can also read PapersHelm reviews to learn about the importance of quality content.

More Focus on Deductive Reasoning

Academic writing demands in-depth analysis of literature. You have to break down ideas and explain them in an understandable way. Deductive reasoning is on the rise as it allows academic writers to use logic when clearing up an idea. There is a great deal of research and information available online. Writers have to use their deductive skills to identify the most important and relevant information and make their work stand out from the crowd.

Demand for Academic Writing Services

Another soaring trend that BizProbe wants you to know about is the high demand for academic services. Several online services are available to help struggling students and writers with writing, editing, and proofreading. If you are someone overloaded with work or don't know how to proceed with an assignment, here are some top academic writing services you can trust to help you out.

Academic writing can be easy to learn, but a challenge to get right. There are various factors, such as quality, word count, and pattern to consider when producing top-quality work. We at BizProbe encourage you to focus on improving your grammar skills to be an effective academic writer.