8 Tips for Students to Improve their Concentration Power and Focus

by Xavier Kelvin / Apr 04,2019


Lack of concentration may result in poor performance. It affects individuals of almost every age group and gender. Building mental endurance is very important for everyone. Whether you are a part-time worker, a student, in a meeting or trying to wind up your work; it is necessary to be attentive.

Many different strategies can help minimize distractions, reduce stress, and improve focus.  We have found some scientifically sound strategies for students and want to share them. Follow the tips given to improve your concentration power and focus; you will also develop your personality as a successful individual.


  1. Meditation

Various researches prove that meditation can regulate your brain by decreasing stress levels. This, therefore, directs you towards better mental health and focus. It was discovered in a study that meditation plays a very important role in improving cognition. This not only results in better temperament but also improved verbal and non-verbal understanding and enhanced competence for operating cerebral data.

  1. Make a To-Do-List

Keep everything accounted for. For this, you must maintain and update a to-do-list. Making a to-do- list doesn't prove you absent-minded at all. It is the habit practiced by almost every responsible person. Besides improving concentration, a To-Do-List helps you in prioritizing your tasks, rescheduling and organizing your tasks, feeling productive and in relieving stress. Keeping a journal to record your thoughts is also a recommended practice.


  1. Exercise

A lot of studies have confirmed and emphasized on the benefits of exercise. Exercising regularly results in better concentration and focus. Even a walk can help a lot in improving your focus and efficiency. Your brain and body are not two different things. Research has proved that students, who exercise daily, tend to perform better than those who don't.

  1. Declutter Your Study Area

Clutter will have an obvious influence on your concentration and focus. Having too much clutter will decrease your brain's capacity to focus and process information. The massive quantity of clutter distracts you and results in lack of concentration. It also affects your accomplishments and decreases motivation.

  1. Take Breaks

Sometimes it is better to give yourself a break. Stop trying too hard and relax. The human brain cannot be in action 24/7, voluntarily. Taking short naps or breaks refreshes you and thus improves your focus. By taking a break, you allow your brain to recharge naturally.

  1. Take Breaths

Take a long deep breath. Before commencing any task, calm your brain by respiring peacefully. For this, all you need to do is, close your eyes for a while, relax and breathe. You will find this approach helpful and revitalizing. Regular deep breathing helps to unite your mind and brain.

  1. Run To a Coffeeshop

What could be more refreshing and awakening than coffee? There is a very interesting relation between cognition and caffeine. Caffeine has nothing to do with improved learning or memory. It is just that it increases functional stimulation that makes you less distracted. Coffee works as an attention booster; therefore, a coffee shop run can make a killing.

  1. Use Trustworthy Resources

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Like any other skill, concentration also requires consistency and practice. Follow these tricks regularly if you want to achieve the presence of mind. Always remember that your mind and body are not separate. You must make sure that both are strong enough to work in perfect unison.