How to Choose the Best Private English Teacher

by Arthur Stevenson / Feb 09,2019

Choosing Private Teacher by BizProbe

Selecting a good language teacher is eminent for a better understanding. Versatility in teaching methods varies from teacher to teacher. Some explain concepts well to a whole class while others spread knowledge better when teaching individuals.

BizProbe knows the struggle of students who study English in class but are unable to perceive language clearly. Therefore, along with sharing top essay writing reviews, we also guide you on other aspects of college life. If your chosen teacher is prone to try unique teaching ways and utilize his full capabilities, then you definitely have an expert in the English language.


It all comes down to how much knowledge the teacher possesses. His linguistic abilities matter more than any other aspect. People believe that hiring a native teacher would do the job but this is not true. Being a good speaker of English does not mean that he also has knowledge of grammatical rules. He should rather be more adept in linguistic knowledge.

He should have certain linguistic certification from a good institution. It is very important for him to have a firm grasp over language. PapersHelm reviews suggest that a teacher with a good profile and reputation should be preferred.


Ok, so your teacher has the skill and capability. What about his teaching method? A teacher with limited methods and the traditional way of delivering skills is not suitable for the job. As trends have changed, teachers must know how to infuse newer methods into their teaching style. Every student has different needs and demands. So the teacher must mold his strategies as per student requirements.

We think that the teacher should be flexible, adaptable and practice methods that are uncommon yet serve a purpose. Choose a teacher who can deliver a lecture in an easy yet comprehensive manner. When hiring, ask some related questions from the teacher, if he is not hesitant then he is the one for the job. If he stammers or thinks for too long ... well, you know what to do.


Yes, this is an important trait! Your teacher should be alert, compassionate, confident, entertaining, and responsive and above all a good listener. He should be sympathetic as this trait is necessary for evaluation. He should be aware of trending methods, news and without a doubt interested in his work. Moreover, he should be an adept learner himself.


A very important trait that needs much attention! So your teacher has all the important above-mentioned traits. And you are learning a lot of things. But what if he lacks continuity? If he has a record of taking random off days without informing and this habit will leave your lesson nowhere. Continuity in learning and consistency in lessons is equally significant. If your teacher is not taking your language routine seriously, then it's time you seek a new one.


Communication is the key to learn the English language. Your teacher must be communicating in English with you throughout the lesson. He should only use your native language when explaining complicated terms and concepts. Additionally, he should speak with a clear and audible voice.  Also, he should be patient and must listen to you talking, without interrupting.

 These traits of a good teacher will help you in seeking the right teacher as per your needs. Also, don't forget that learning a language is not a one-way ticket. You have to put in equal efforts just like your teacher. If you want to find a helper for your academic writing, then you should browse our top essay writing service reviews!