Top 8 Instagram Profiles to Follow for Improved English

by Marie Caster / Sep 12,2018

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We all know how social media is increasing the learning of people at present. Not only Twitter, and Facebook but Instagram has now become a useful medium for learning the English language. The language used on this platform is not the usual text language rather it is the language of everyday use. Communication through this medium is direct and comprehensive. You can always interact with like-minded native people with ease and learn from them.

Today BizProbe reviews some top-notch Instagram profiles that have helped people in getting better in English. However, if you are struggling with English writing, you should read our essay writing service reviews. Although only pictures and videos are shared on this platform, yet this multimedia sharing has proven helpful so far. Have a look at the profiles.

Idiom Land

This account posts pictorial depiction of idioms on regular basis thus helping people learn idioms the easy way. It also posts useful videos for further elaborating on the meaning of certain idioms. You can have a better experience by downloading their app from Apple iOS and Google Play Store.  


As the name suggests, this account is dedicated to posting English grammar and vocabulary related MCQs on daily basis. The purpose of this account is to make people proficient in English; as is stated in their bio. 

Green Forest

Every day this account uploads an image carrying an English word with definition and pronunciation. The image also displays the word used in a sentence. This is a great strategy for teaching English.

Nat Geo

The Instagram account of National Geographic channel is known for amazing photographs taken from all around the world. Each photograph carries detailed information about the image and location it is taken at. So if you want to magnify your knowledge and improve your English then this is the account to follow.


This account features posts of book covers. The book covers are displayed in an artistic way that attracts the aesthetics eyes. The captions of the images offer tips encouraging the habit of reading English novels.


This account is run by Sandra Li who is a traveler and a teacher. She posts Infographics and other images describing the use of the English language. She often posts images from her travel diaries, describing the places. If you are looking for writing help. Start reading CrownEssays reviews.


Jamie Oliver is known as the best English Chef. He has launched various eateries in London.  He is also very active on social media and has a popular YouTube channel. He posts food recipes, food videos, and informative images about children health, nutrition etc. on his Instagram account. Those of you interested in cooking and food must follow his account for food-related information and tips to increase your English knowledge.


If you wish to view amazing places from around the world and gather information about them, then we suggest you follow this account. The account posts most ethereal pictures from around the globe. You can improve your English by following this account.

So now you have a comprehensive list of Instagram profiles that can help you in making your English better. In addition to our top essay writing reviews, these accounts will add to your knowledge; do let BizProbe know how effective you found these profiles.