Top 5 Sitcoms to Help You Learn English Effectively

by Arthur Stevenson / Sep 02,2019

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Situational comedies or sitcoms are about a bunch of people involved in amusing situations in everyday lives. Sitcoms are a great way to improve your English because they provide a more realistic view compared to course books. Your listening skills are likely to improve by following various interactions, cultural references, and accents amongst characters.  You will be able to understand different types of humor better, and your own responses in real life will likely improve.

Sitcoms are easier to follow because the characters remain the same, so does the plot, and the language is relatively simple as well. If you want to get entertained and learn English in a fun way, then sitcoms are the perfect fit for you. Keep reading BizProbe reviews for more news. 

  1. Friends

"Friends" is unarguably one of the best sitcoms to grace the television screen. The show (1994-2004) followed the lives of six friends. These friends are blood-related, roommates, and neighbors as well as former high school friends. The show focuses on the daily lives of these friends, but what makes it different from other shows is the exceptional script. The jokes are easy to understand for non-native speakers as well, and the dialogues will keep you hooked until the end. Besides, you will learn a few popular catchphrases from this show.

  1. That 70's Show

This sitcom (1998-2006) aptly shows the 70's era in America when rock music, drugs, and hippies were very popular. This funny sitcom revolves around teenagers and their struggles in personal lives. The show teaches how to overcome hurdles in life and gives a real insight into everyday conversations among American teenagers. You will observe the common language mistakes non-native speakers make, all the while having a laugh. If you are looking for essay writing service reviews, then choose BizProbe for more insight on learning the English language.

  1. The Big Bang Theory

This TV sitcom is the perfect dose of knowledge, fun, and entertainment. This show is highly recommended for people struggling with "nerdiness" and having linguistic interests. The sitcom shows a group of friends with high IQs struggling in their personal and works lives.  From scientific experiments to the love of video games and comics, these four friends prove that age is just a number and that there are no limits when it comes to having fun. With this sitcom, you will improve your English vocabulary a lot and have some insight into the American education system as well.

  1. How I Met Your Mother

Similar to Friends, but with a more modern spin, HIMYM (2005 - 2014) is a wildly successful sitcom. The English is simple to follow with lots of slang language phrases that will come in handy if you want to live in New York City. You will get to hear practical vocabulary that can help you to socialize easily with American people in various settings.  Read BizProbe reviews for more updates.

  1. Grey's Anatomy

One of our own favorites is "Grey's Anatomy" (2005 - Present) -- a show full of funny situations, emotional scenes, and medical jargons. It follows the life of Dr. Meredith Grey, her residency, and her journey to be named as the Chief of general surgery. The show is full of drama, one-on-one dialogues, as well as easy group conversations that anyone can easily follow. The sitcom offers commonly used idioms that will benefit ESL (English as Second Language) speakers. All the information and procedures presented are not necessarily accurate, but they are a treat to watch.

Sitcoms may seem like a funny way of learning, but they are quite effective in learning English or any new language for that instance. Make sure to have subtitles in your native language if you are a beginner and in no time you will be able to understand it without the subtitles. In addition to this, you can also improve your English by following a few Instagram Profiles, as explained by BizProbe.